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A small move...

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I'll be posting on a new blog, thebeanroutine, for a while. Since I'm currently not doing wedding announcements, felizitations will be temporarily on hold. Thanks to all of my 3 readers! ; )

Mamasita's Day

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So I have all these 'amazing' ideas that I want to post on this blog and then I get busy with work and life and never get around to it... I have folders full of inspiration and little lovelies that I want to share. Maybe someday when life slows down I'll actually do it. Today I'm sending a shout out to my sister that needed help thinking of a Mother's Day gift. She's always the crafty one. This past summer she moved up to Logan to live with us. She couldn't find a job, so she started making toffee, gourmet pretzel sticks, and other goodies to sell at the farmer's market. It was an amazing summer... why aren't you moving up here again?

Well, *sniff, sniff* moving on to the Mother's Day idea. On the radio, on tv, everywhere I look I keep seeing one thing... edible arrangements. I would not be disappointed to receive one any day... but they are a bit pricey. I was going to display the DIY photo on here mixed in with the Edible Arrangement official photos and show you that you couldn't tell the difference, but there was an obvious difference. I don't think there has to be a difference, the DIY finished project just wasn't photographed as well. But don't they look so good and yummy?

Click here to view the DIY tutorial and maybe help Trish out with commenting with some of your Mother's Day ideas. Isn't she cute?

Andro Aggie

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I am currently employed at Utah State University. I am the graphic designer for PR & Marketing/Admissions (50/50). It's a fun job and lately we've done a few promotional pieces that I was able to implement my own style into. The piece that just got printed was called 'Discover Yourself Here'. I just wanted to show why it's so cool to be an Aggie using a paper doll. I think the funniest part of the project was finding someone to photograph that could serve as the Androgynous Aggie, so that both boys and girls could place their face on the body. Here are a few screenshots of the finished product.

Anyone want to take a guess at what gender Andro is?

clever ditsies

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OMG'ness... have you visited the Target website recently? It makes me so happy. They are featuring Liberty of London, which is a fabulous company emphasizing the lively reinvention of William Morris-type patterns. I'm sure everyone's familiar with those detailed cards or envelope liners that you're lucky to receive every now and then in a thank you card. It's the one that has gold line work woven through a tight floral print. Well pump up the colors and add it to products such as bicycles, lingerie, bedding and dinnerware and you've got Liberty of London. They're already out of stock on a number of items but here are a few of my personal favorites:

Dunclare Pink Dining Set | Pleated Chemise

let me update you

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I kept meaning to show how we tied to together the beautiful color palette that my sister (in-law) chose for her wedding. Crisp white linens, an eclectic group of lime vases all complimented with accents of kelly green blossoms and hydrangea popcorn balls completed the table settings. We were able to decorate 20+ tables, also individualized with tonal table runners, for under $500!

Currently on my mind: A little bird told me about a dream Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding. I'm already collecting inspirational pieces, magazine tears and color swatches. I'll post more if anything becomes finalized. Until then, enjoy!

be my guest.

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I finished up my pillow project at school. They turned out amazing. I can only say that because I think it was in large part to the machines we get to use. Everything in the lab is Bernina and Pfaff. The working horse sewing machines make a huge difference. Now I'm keeping my eyes open for one to come available. I love the idea of adding stitching to invitations and these machines could definitely accomplish that. Here they are:

When I put these on the guest bed and admired them I felt like Monica on Friends. There's something nice about decorating a guest room. Maybe it's that you have complete freedom to do with it what you want. Come visit!

Sew Easy Class

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Since I work on campus at Utah State University, I get the chance to audit classes if I'd like (basically I just pay the class fee but no tuition since I'm not getting credit). I started thinking about how I'd really like to improve my sewing skillz. There is actually quite a few sewing classes taught on campus and so I'm starting with the basics, Introductory Sewing 1140. Our first project is a pillow case and I got to pick out my fabrics. I love the small distsie patterns:

I'm planning on using the red piping to separate the hem from the body of the pillow. I had found some embroidery inspiration the other day at the Purl Beehive but I'm going to have to save it for my advanced class. I just love the thread colors, simple and warming.

Ahem... Jason Holley now calling

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My husband's been out of town for the last few days and my creative energy has been pulsating. It's a good thing but at the same time I miss him and I'm glad that he'll be back soon. I've been doing everything and anything to keep myself busy, to the point that I made myself sick. I had to slow down and I started to read and I found an illustrator that is amazing. His name is Jason Holley and his work has captured me.

My all-time favorite artist has always been Frida Kahlo and I feel a big similarity in the work of Jason Holley and her work. In this article that I read about him, he doesn't really mention Frida as an influence or mentor but when I look at his work, it's a big part of what I see.

This is one of my favorite paintings by Frida, see the similarities? There is a lot of symbology in it. You can read more about her here.

Hunting with my gift scope...

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Right now I don't have any invitations I'm working on but I have been pretty busy Christmas shopping. A present that has been really fun to look for is a record player for my sister. If I had all the money in the world, this is the record player I would get her:

It's by Audiowood, I saw it while I was browsing through Anthropologie's 'to him, from you' section.

I would also get her this ring so that she looks a like she knows what she's doing when she's spinning her records (If only I had 20 G's):

Mathamatiks Turntable Ring | Found here

I'll continue my search for the perfect record player. If I had more time and a woodshop I would totally construct one... there are so many objects I keep envisioning that would make amazing turntables. I'm hoping to find something like this at local thrift store, but I probably won't be that lucky.

Sneaky Peek...

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So I want to post more consistently and record the process of the projects I'm working on. Here is what the announcement's are looking like for Jessica... There will be coordinating thank you's, inserts and special little 'touches' that will tie it all together. I don't want to show it all at once so here's my sneaky peek.

Beautiful Palette!

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It's been a while... I have a new job which has completely taken over my free time for Felizitations. My sister came to me with a new project though... She's getting married! Jessica, my husband's sister, has a wedding date set for January 7th. And I get to design her wedding invitations.

I gave Jessica a stack of the wedding magazines I had. After a long weekend she told me that she had decided on her color palette... GREEN & WHITE. I was a little thrown off at first, but then I remembered the beautiful images I had seen in Martha Stewart Weddings:

I remember when I first saw this palette I couldn't figure out if I liked it or not. The more I started to find trends, the more I fell in love. I guess Jessica has a more sophisticated eye than me. Now, I can't think of a better winter wedding palette. The colors are all the one's mother nature has left us during that time of year anyways! So here are some trends that I started to piece together:

It's gorgeous! Now I'm starting to piece together the final touches for her invitations. I'm loving them! I'll post more later this week and show you the process as they come together.

Baby Knight

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My friend Keisha is having a baby and so with babies come showers! I had some help from my husband in coming up with the concept. With their last name being Knight, it gave us an easy direction. I wanted it to feel sweet and vintage so I found some different inspiration that helped me in designing the invitation. I'll have to post the inspiration boards sometime soon.

Elisha's Little Beauties

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I just finished some wonderful invitations for Elisha & Dustin. They took the Stephanie and added a little bit of their personal flair. Elisha likes to scrapbook so in order to group her announcement and inserts she used brads. I thought they turned out wonderful! (I blurred some of their personal information.)

She also added a few custom pieces. The first item Elisha wanted was a personalized stamp. They wanted this to use on their thank you envelopes, in place of a return address & napkins. It included their custom logo and names:

Rather than just having a traditional lined guest book, we customized an album. We silk screened their logo and names onto the cover of an album. Inside there are alternating blank pages for the guests to sign and sheets in page protectors that contain photos. It's all in the details...

Thanks Elisha for opening up to some new ideas! It was great working with you.

Mindless Colors

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Sometimes I have days that I can feel all my creative juices have been drained. My mind feels dehydrated and I feel like if a have a new idea it might just drop onto my brain and fizzle out. Today is one of those days, and on days like this there is a therapy that allows for me to see pretty.

found via flikr
Nail polish, the mindless color therapy that I love. When I feel that I can't give anything more there's always an ounce of energy left to paint my nails. Kind of like an ice cream tank... you know when you've stuffed your face beyond exhaustion but somebody mentions ice cream? All of a sudden you can feel a little inverted dimple in your belly that needs to be filled with ice creamy goodness. Well nail polish is to my brain what ice cream is to my belly. Not to mention the myriad of colors available that, when spread out before you, your mood just automatically knows what color you need. What's your mood today?

Feminine, alive, energized?
Digital Diva

Serene, content, soft-spoken?
Mermaid in the Shade

anemone's = beauty

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For so long my favorite flowers have been poppies & ranunculus's (is plural ranunculi?, weird) . I'm originally from Las Vegas and so when I moved up to Logan, UT I was amazed by how wild poppies sprang up everywhere naturally. I think I have a new love though... it's not a love that will replace the spot for my poppies and ranunculi but I might have to add it to the top of my top 3 favorites, ; ). Anemone's! They are just radiant. I know that they can appear to be a flower that applied a little too much mascara, but they are lovely. Here are some bouquets that feature my little anemone. I found them at the Vintage Design Co..

The bouquet in the bottom right doesn't have any anenome's but I couldn't stop wondering what the pink flower was. It looks like a handsome sea creature. Anybody out there know?

The final 3

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Our final 3 lines are here: Sarah, Sophia & Stephanie. I hope that you like these as much as I have. They were so fun to make and now they just need a good home. Remember, click to enlarge the images below.



I also wanted to let you know the winner of the drawing. The invitation design goes to, Julie Christensen. I'll be contacting Julie later today to let her know! Thanks to everyone for entering. Have a wonderful day.

Some eye candy...

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This morning I'll start with 3 of the collections. The other collections I'll post later today. I'll be announcing the giveaway winner from the bridal fair today, so check back to see if you're the lucky bride. Click on the images below to enlarge. Introducing:




Contact me

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To place an order, contact me at dortheab@felizitations.com or call me 435.512.4235. We'll set up a consultation and get the ball rolling. New clients are one of my favorite things, it's exciting to get to know new people. Hope to hear from you soon!

-Dorthea Brundage

La Caille Bridal Fair

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cake topper from etsy

Thanks to everyone that I was able to meet with at the La Caille Bridal Fair. It was so much fun. It was my first bridal fair and all the brides definetly made it worth my while.

All the invitations that were featured at the bridal fair will be posted here on our blog Monday, so be sure to check back. If you have any questions at all, contact me at dortheab@felizitations.com.
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